Q-Park Expands Partnership With WPS

Q-Park's satisfaction with WPS' equipment and service have contributed to winning these projects.

WPS and Q-Park have had a long-standing partnership since the early 2000s. As a supplier of parking management systems, WPS works closely with this renowned car park operator. Successfully winning 13 projects in three different countries - Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK - is a testament to the strong cooperation between the two parties.

Bart van de Voort, Head of Technical Operations at Q-Park HQ, stresses that the good partnership, the established contacts in the respective countries and Q-Park's satisfaction with WPS' equipment and service have contributed to winning these projects. He is satisfied with the entire organization, but particularly emphasizes being satisfied with the operational aspects.

Stable Cooperation & High-Quality Equipment

Bart says that many Q-Park employees enjoy working with WPS' equipment once they are familiar with it. ''WPS has people who are driven, with whom we have worked well for years and we therefore get in touch easily. They offer extensive training to ensure a smooth transition, especially for Parking Hosts who have not worked with the equipment before.'' Bart mentions specific projects in Gouda and The Hague, where WPS provided additional guidance to the technical staff.

The stability of the equipment is also very important. Bart is very satisfied with the service and support department, pointing to the dedicated and responsive staff. ''WPS has been a reliable partner for many years, with consistent and smooth communication.''

In addition, the design of WPS' equipment is worth mentioning. ''At WPS, the door is positioned on the side. Everyone thinks, what difference does it make, having the door placed on the side... but this design choice provides more safety for the engineers by allowing them to stay on the island while working on the terminals. Even during breakdowns, engineers can safely and easily access the terminal without having to stand on the lane."

Seamless Parking Experience at Q-Park

In terms of the parking experience at Q-Park, Bart emphasises aiming for quality across all countries where Q-Park operates. They aim to provide a seamless experience for repeat customers (subscription holders) at all locations and the same level of parking convenience for occasional visitors through license plate recognition for vehicles entering and exiting the car park.

Progress WPS

Bart acknowledges the significant progress WPS has made in recent years and considers it an impressive growth spurt. ''WPS is a leader especially in the field of interfaces with MQTT (real-time message exchange). This is why Q-Park is currently testing WPS' MQTT interface for its next-generation tools. Real-time messaging ensures instant and seamless communication, which significantly improves operational efficiency.''

The Future

Regarding the future of cooperation between WPS and Q-Park, Bart is clear: if WPS is looking to grow with them in other countries, they are open to it. However, Bart stresses the importance of getting it right. ‘’Ultimately, the respective Business Units , with the head office providing support, decide. Q-Park is happy to implement WPS solutions in other countries if they prove to be successful and meet local requirements. Being able to provide local service is of paramount importance here.’’ Proactively exploring opportunities together and staying in constant dialogue characterizes the partnership between WPS & Q-Park.

As WPS and Q-Park continue to strengthen their partnership, their shared vision of providing a hassle-free parking experience in multiple countries remains. With a successful track record and mutual trust between both parties, the future looks promising for this dynamic partnership.

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Since its establishment in 1985, WPS Parking Solutions has grown from a local Dutch provider of parking systems into one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based automated parking solutions. WPS’ mission is to create smart, reliable and future-proof parking solutions that are designed for today’s and tomorrow’s connected world.

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Q-Park is notable for its quality approach and has a portfolio comprising over 3,300 parking facilities with more than 640,000 parking spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, and Denmark.


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