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Effortless mobility by Flowbird

Effortless mobility by FlowbirdOur mission

We believe that mobility should be effortless. We’re dedicated to putting the customer experience first - creating end-to-end solutions where data moves at pace, informing business choices that make a difference. By helping cities to work smarter, we enable them to focus time and energy on the things that matter, like creating liveable spaces and embracing a carbon neutral future. Join us in our quest for effortless mobility. Let's make speed and simplicity our guiding principles

FlowbirdAbout Flowbird

For over 50 years, Flowbird has been at the forefront of defining urban mobility. The companies within our family were responsible for pivotal inventions, including the development of the first parking meter. Headquartered in Besançon, Flowbird is an established world leader, with a 70% share of the on-street parking technology market. Our global footprint is growing - with parking, transport and mobility systems in 4,350 cities and 80 countries, making mobility simpler and faster for over 100 million users each year.

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Headquarters location 2 Ter rue du Château
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  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Barrier/barrierless off-street parking
  • Digital Permits
  • E-mobility (park and charge)
  • Intelligent enforcement
  • Mobile Parking
  • Mobile parking apps
  • Mobility payments
  • Mobility-as-a-Service apps
  • Parking Management
  • Smart Delivery Zones

Product information

On-street parking solutions

Parking terminals

Flowbird terminals

Flowbird is renowned for making high quality, user-friendly parking terminals with multiple payment options. Ultra-durable, with upgrade kits that extend lifespan, they
last for decades. Remotely configured by powerful back offices, including Flowbird HUB, they provide an integrated parking solution with an unrivalled user experience.

AppMobile app

Available with flowbird app branding, or white-labelled, our mobile parking app makes parking stress free. It helps drivers navigate to an available parking space and pay for a session. When they opt-in for push notifications, they can receive handy alerts about upcoming session expiry, and can extend the time and only pay for the time used.


HUBOn-street parking management

Flowbird HUB is our management solution for parking and e-mobility. The open platform connects to all terminals and mobile parking apps, enabling a free-flow of real-time
data. This can be used to inform parking policies, and to provide accurate information to drivers that enables them to find available parking and charging spaces more easily. Parking authorities or operators can use the platform to configure zones and sales channels dynamically, manage curb use, apply tariffs and rights, and carry out analysis and reporting. This flexible, data-led approach to parking management allows them to test strategies for improving traffic flow, reducing congestion and lowering emissions.

PermitDigital permits

Our secure, cloud-based digital permits solutionstreamlines permit and rights management. Unlimited digital parking permit types can be defined to maximise value. They can be time-based - weekly, monthly or annual - or linked to the driver’s profile, and their specific entitlement, for example as a business owner or resident.


Our ambition is to make charging as simple as parking. Our Park&Charge solution empowers cities to take charge of their e-mobility ecosystem and meet directives for
adequate park and charge infrastructure. Flowbird HUB connects through standard protocols to any charging hardware or Charging Point Operator; all Flowbird terminals and apps; and any third-party user interface to enable device management, monitoring and maintenance. Delivering real-time data on charger availability to drivers via flowbird app, or other parking apps, it drives utilisation and creates an effortless experience for EV drivers.

Off-street parking solutions


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enables fast, frictionless check-in and check-out in barrierless facilities. Cameras photograph licence plates and date-stamp the time of entry and exit. Drivers pay at a terminal, in-app, online, or by invoice


barrierBarrier access

Our cloud-based barrier system gives drivers a smooth experience in gated facilities. On entry, they swipe a bank card or scan a QR code to trigger the barrier to rise. They pay on-foot, or at the exit, where a touchscreen terminal guides check-out and payment.

Barrier and ANPRBarrier and ANPR

Our hybrid solution includes ANPR and barriers. On entry, the barrier rises when ANPR cameras record the vehicle licence plate. On exit, it rises once payment is confirmed. If the vehicle registration is linked in the back office to a payment method or permit, the correct payment will be taken automatically. If not, the driver must pay at the terminal when leaving.


intelligent enforcementIntelligent enforcement

Boost revenue with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. Cameras determine licence plate numbers and session start times, and share this data with enforcement apps, along with payment data associated with the vehicle. Enforcers can adjust routes to prioritise facilities with the most unpaid or expiring sessions.

Off-street parking managementOff-street parking management

Our cloud-based management platforms serve parking operations of any size. Use them to manage terminals remotely, and roll-out tariffs and rights. Our solutions are fully integrated, connecting pay stations, mobile apps and permit portals. Use real-time data from across your parking ecosystem to improve operational efficiency.




Mobility payments

Payment services

Throughout the mobility ecosystem, our payment terminals and mobile apps accept cash, card, contactless and mobile payments to promote social inclusion. Our fast, efficient payment services are specialised for urban mobility, adhering to strict standards of security and compliance. For transparency, we provide user-friendly portals for cities, operators and their customers. Cities can track and report on payments data, while mobility users can view their travel and payments history.

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