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Effortless mobility by Flowbird

Parkeon and Cale, the world leaders in parking and transport ticketing solutions, have joined forces to create a new global entity, Flowbird: Urban Intelligence.

It is our ambition to make individual travel simpler, safer, faster, while collectively maximizing efficiency and harmonizing flows. Every week around the world, thanks to our terminals, mobile applications, and online services, we contribute to improving the living environment of our 100 million users by helping to reduce air pollution, optimize traffic, simplify payments, make cities more secure and economically dynamic.

Flowbird is a Software platform which helps the local authorities to measure, monitor and manage the mobility within the cities. This is our know-how, Urban Intelligence. With Flowbird, Urban Intelligence, mobility becomes easier, safer, faster. Flowbird operates in over 5,000 towns and cities in 70 countries. The company is constantly innovating and breaking new ground to help provide solutions.

Flowbird's Comprehensive Parking Solutions in Figures

Parking Figures for Flowbird

User Journey

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Helping our customers provide better visitor experiences to their towns and cities by providing them with the latest technologies including journey planning and parking apps, contactless transactions, ABT and, Open Payment technologies.

Smart City

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Combining on-street and off-street parking capabilities to minimize the environmental and economic impact whilst reducing congestion and improving mobility for everyone.


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Permitting all modes of payment to encourage patronage whilst allowing the management of transactions through certified and secure payments services.

Mobility as a Service

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Bringing the vision of a shared and on-demand transportation network to life.

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Product information

Flowbird Mobile App

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Parking becomes easier, safer and faster with the flowbird app. Drivers can join the mobile parking community for free, and experience the advantage of flowbird. No more waiting in line for the parking meter, grab your phone and start a new session. Choose your favorite parking location and reserve ahead of time, and where parking availability is highest to reduce search time.

Visit the flowbird app website.

Kiosks and Terminals

As the direct link between the motorist and parking, terminals need to be tough, reliable, and easy to use. Flowbird’s terminals are built for virtually any environment, to be fully customizable and with the future in mind.

StreetSmart Kiosk

Grey-haired man in leather jacket and jeans uses a parking meter, river and bridge in background.The StreetSmart Kiosk has a wide range of features to handle mobility and serve municipalities and drivers.

The StreetSmart terminal has a scalable, fully open Android operating system that can handle all payment methods and can easily integrate with third-parties. A 10-inch color touch screen and the latest generation technology offers an elite user interface.

Compact S5

Parking meter with touch screen and chip and pin machineThe Compact S5 is the next generation of CWT Terminals. Through reduced power consumption and a paperless receipt solution Compact S5 is an environmentally-friendly terminal that doesn’t require day-to-day monitoring.   

Strada Evol

Businessman in blue shirt holds parking ticket up to an on-street parking meterWith a double-walled cashbox, armor-plated safe, the compact Strada Evol is resistant to vandalism and fraud. Designed for easy integration, the terminal is modifiable and complies with international regulations for accessibility.

Strada Pal

Parking machine with on-street parking in backgroundBased upon Flowbird’s NEOPS™ electronic platform, the Strada Pal is a new design with a budget-friendly price. And, the wide full color-screen and extended keyboard increase functionality.

Flowbird Software Solutions

Hands of three business people sitting at a desk with a laptop, tablet, notepad and papers filled with graphs


Flowbird’s back-office SmartFolio system makes supported services accessible throughout the city. Centralized management also enables operators to constantly monitor and analyze the performance of their sales infrastructure.

Armed with accurate data municipalities can improve and adapt their policies. New tariffs, operating times, messages and information can easily be downloaded to terminals and online systems.


With WebOffice you can quickly produce various reports and graphs to analyze your ticket sales or payment methods. The reports can be tailored to your business and be generated and distributed automatically to predefined recipients, in any format.

Analytics Control

Analytics Control is a tool for managing and mapping the deployment of parking enforcement officers. It is used to supervise enforcement areas and enables data to be collected and analyzed by extraction from activity reports.

Payment Devices at a Glance

Flowbird offers an ever-increasing range of payment methods available, including physical payment with coins, notes and tokens, and electronic payments such as smart cards and bank cards.

Flowbird’s solutions are adapted to any kind of business with an omnichannel approach supporting unattended Check-in Check-out, mobile payment through Swish & Vipps, and smart cards such as SmartOne.

Off-Street Parking Solutions

Flowbird Go!

Back of a white car parked in a wet parking garage with a white LPR camera

A reliable, accurate and cost-effective camera-based, gateless parking solution. Flowbird GO! integrates a short, medium or long-range IR Camera, with or without an overview camera setup. The motorist can activate Flowbird GO! in the Flowbird mobile app for automatic payment and notifications.


Minipark is an innovative solution for parking management using ticketless barriers and license plate recognition. Simple and user-friendly, this solution improves the fluidity of entries and exits with limited investment. With a Cloud-based management system viewable in real-time, it allows effective enforcement while facilitating operations and maintenance tasks.

Park&Breath Pollution and Noise Sensors

By integrating with Strada parking terminals, Park&Breathe is an economical and cost-effective way to monitor pollution and noise pollution in real-time.

ChargeStorm Connected EV Charging Wallbox

EV charging icon painted onto a parking bay

ChargeStorm Connected is ideal for home or business. Available in several different variants depending on power and outlet, Chargestorm Connected meets all technical safety standards.

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