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About MoWiz

MoWiz Overview

MoWiz was born out of a forty-year-old parking operation company, EYSA S.A.U. From project design, structure, and financing, to technology deployment and project management, MoWiz provides turnkey solutions that simplify the implementation of smart parking projects.

We believe parking has the power to transform modern mobility. MoWiz’s mission is to power the future of parking services and possibilities with cutting-edge solutions. We want to be at the forefront of parking technology to make parking management as efficient as we believe it can be.

Parking Solutions for Drivers

Mobile Parking Payments

MoWiz Driver Solutions

MoWiz is a user-friendly parking payments app that facilitates the payment process for drivers and operators. Operators can publish and manage their parking facilities in real time on the cloud.

Drivers are then able to access real-time parking availability and pay for parking from the convenience of the MoWiz app.

Find out how the MoWiz app works.

Parking Solutions for Businesses 

Parking Management Solutions

MoWiz for Operators

As parking management moves towards smarter, more efficient solutions for parking operators, MoWiz’s smart parking solutions tackle parking management’s toughest challenges with innovative cutting-edge technology and hardware.

With MoWiz, parking professionals can harness the power of integrated cloud-based technology to make informed decisions about their parking operations without worrying about incompatible back offices or hardware.

Learn more about MoWiz’s Smart Parking Solutions.

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Product information

Smart Parking

MoWiz Smart Parking

MoWiz’s Smart Parking solution is an innovative turnkey approach to parking management. MoWiz delivers a completely integrated parking management model that unlocks operational efficiencies which maximize parking assets and revenue generation.

Learn more about MoWiz Smart Parking.

MoWiZ PaymentsMoWiz Payments

MoWiz Payments is a comprehensive parking payment system that facilitates the parking payment process for both drivers and parking professionals.

The MoWiz app is a driver-facing app that allows them to find and pay for parking quickly and conveniently. Time extensions, reservations, and permits can all be accessed directly from the MoWiz app.

MoWiz also offers tools for parking operators so that they can publish and manage their parking facilities in real-time.

Learn more about MoWiz Payments.

MoWiz MetersMoWiz Meters

Through several years of development and testing, MoWiz and Blinkay Technologies have developed the Chrono to provide the latest innovations in parking meter technology.

The Chrono, a smart, multi-space parking meter, has a 10.4” color display touch screen that simplifies parking payments and establishes a closer relationship with the end user.

Discover more information about the Chrono and its features.

MoWiz PlatformMoWiz Platform

MoWiz’s Parking Management Platform is a business control, auditing, and management platform. The main goal is to provide an open, transparent, and multidirectional communication interface for the parking manager that consolidates all of the connected parking parties through a single platform, keeping core business decisions under the parking manager’s purview.

With that goal in mind, MoWiz’s Parking Management Platform was designed to integrate with an array of parking services back offices including, but not limited to ticket vendors (parking meters, pay-by-phone providers, rate engines, etc.), guidance providers, enforcement platforms, and operations management providers.

Find out more about the MoWiz Platform.

MoWiz EnforcementMoWiz Enforcement

MoWiz’s digital enforcement solution, ParkXplorer, provides operators with smart, machine-learning technology that optimizes and automates enforcement.

ParkXplorer collects and processes enforcement data from handheld devices, LPR cameras, and parking ticket vendors to then provide smarter, actionable insights into the status of parking operations.

From supplying enforcement officers with the tools they need to provide accurate enforcement of parking facilities to a full suite of collections services, MoWiz Enforcement is a powerful digital enforcement solution that can improve compliance.

More information about MoWiz Enforcement.

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