Parking Network Weekly News Summary: Week of 25

Parking Network Weekly News Summary: Week of 25

Welcome to this week’s parking news summary! We're excited to bring you the latest updates and innovations in the parking industry. From new technological advancements to strategic city partnerships, we cover the key stories shaping the future of parking. Let’s dive into this week’s highlights.

📰 News of the Week

Circontrol eHome51. Circontrol Introduces eHome5

Circontrol has launched the eHome5, an innovative home EV charger designed to offer enhanced features and user-friendly operation for electric vehicle owners.

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PowerGo Ultra-Fast Charger2. PowerGo's Ultra-Fast Charger in the Netherlands

PowerGo opened an ultra-fast charger with a unique battery storage system in the Netherlands, setting a new standard for sustainable EV charging.

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new version of Stan3. Stanley Robotics Introduces New Stan

Stanley Robotics unveiled the new version of Stan, their autonomous valet parking robot, enhancing efficiency and user experience in automated parking solutions.

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Monit partners with the City of Etten-Leur4. Monit Partners with the City of Etten-Leur

Monit announced a partnership with the City of Etten-Leur to implement advanced parking solutions, aiming to improve urban mobility and parking management.

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snowmobile5. TagMaster's Solutions for Municipalities

A large municipality in Alberta Canada utilized TagMaster NA ACTS Advanced Software and Long-Range RFID Readers to manage their snowplow trucks.

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parking barrier6. DESIGNA Connects Parking in Livigno

DESIGNA's technology is now managing parking in Livigno, providing seamless connectivity and improved user experience for visitors.

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city of Lyon7. Flowbird's Progressive Parking Pricing in Lyon

Flowbird implemented a new progressive parking pricing system in Lyon, aimed at optimizing parking space utilization and reducing congestion.

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charles schwab field Omaha8. Passport Enhances Parking in Omaha

The City of Omaha has partnered with Passport to upgrade its parking system, offering more convenient and efficient payment options for residents and visitors.

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London Borough of Richmond9. APCOA's Partnership with Richmond

APCOA has entered into a partnership with the London Borough of Richmond to manage parking services, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

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Hynes Yard parking10. Q-Park's Hynes Yard Car Park

Q-Park announced improvements to the Hynes Yard Car Park, focusing on enhanced security and user experience for parkers.

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🎥 Video of the Week

This week on In the Spotlight, we feature Glebs Kiselovs, CEO of BISS. Under Glebs' leadership, BISS, one of the top providers in the Baltic states, is undergoing significant transformation. Discover their innovative solutions and ambitious goals for the future in the full interview.

Stay tuned for more updates next Friday! Exciting things are happening in the parking world, and we’re here to keep you in the loop. Follow us, subscribe to our newsletter, and never miss out on the latest trends and innovations. See you next week!

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