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Passport - One Platform for All Your Parking and Mobility Needs

Passport is the leader in unified parking and curb management. By integrating parking, enforcement and payments into one software solution, Passport is the only platform that brings together the complexities of mobility operations into one view to help cities improve decision-making and efficiencies. From mobile payments to citation issuance, permitting technology and more, Passport is empowering cities of all sizes with better insights to improve parking turnover, expand revenue opportunities and create more livable communities. Passport is trusted by more than 800 clients across North America.

Company information

Headquarters location 128 South Tryon Street, Suite 1000
NC 28202
United States
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Founded in
Founded by
  • Bob Youakim
  • Charlie Youakim
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approx. 250 employees

Recent projects

Bend, Oregon, US

  • Mobile payment, digital permits, digital parking enforcement
  • 2021

Westminster, Colorado, US

  • Mobile payment, digital permits, digital parking enforcement
  • 2020

Austin, Texas, US

  • Private label mobile payment (ParkATX)
  • Google Maps
  • 2020

Troy, New York, US

  • Mobile payment, digital permits
  • 2020

Panama City Beach, Florida, US

  • Mobile payment
  • 2020

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

  • Private label mobile payment (ParkSLC)
  • 2015

Toronto, Canada

  • Private label mobile payment (Green P app)
  • 2015



  • Citation Management
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Digital Permits
  • ePayment Solutions
  • Parking App
  • Pay by phone
  • Payment solutions
  • Web-based Parking Solutions

Product information

At Passport, security is our utmost priority. We utilize advanced security technology designed to protect both you and your customers. Our security remains up to date with the latest technologies and has earned the highest possible levels of certifications, including: SSAE Type 1 and 2 Compliance Audits, PCI DSS Level 1 Certified and PAssport is a Certified major credit card merchant gateway provider.

Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)

Passport Payments is embedded across the entire Passport operating system - including connected partners - making it simple to manage and collect your daily credit and debit card funds. 

Mobile Pay

Passport envisions a world where paying to park is simple, and users can choose how to pay digitally through the Passport Parking app or other apps. When you select Passport for your mobile pay parking solution, you get access to our leading mobile app for parking payments. You also can unlock an open parking ecosystem and the ability to enable parking payments in connected cars, mapping apps and more.


image of curb management softwareCurb Management


Passport’s Curb Management product delivers the only comprehensive solution that integrates extensive industry knowledge with billions of data points to enable cities to effectively map, monitor and analyze their curb so they can make data-informed decisions while ensuring safe and equitable mobility.


Digital Parking Enforcement

Passport's digital parking enforcement solution, powered by the Passport operating system enables parking management anywhere your enforcement officers need to go. With our parking management platform, operators can drive nearly 100% compliance for all vehicles that touch the curb.


Digital Permits


With Passport’s end-to-end digital parking permit solution, you can simplify your parking operation. Time is precious - don’t waste yours manually issuing permits, managing your inventory or chasing down payments and renewals. Allow your customers to manage their permits online and your enforcement officers to easily manage compliance at the curb, saving you both time and money.


Micro-mobility (E-Scooters)

Scooters and bikes are a convenient way for citizens to traverse your city. But cities face challenges with overcrowded curbs which prevent efficient movement of pedestrians and vehicles, equitable distribution of units, and relationship-building with mobility providers.

But micro-mobility management doesn’t need to be complicated. By following the rules of parking management— paying for idle time at the curb— cities can develop policies to regulate curb space and incentivize desirable distribution of scooters and bikes, and create a foundation for strong partnerships with innovative mobility providers.



Private Label Mobile Pay

Passport’s private label application option offers the best of both worlds. The right balance between best-in-class user experience and tailored features. Private label application features include: Application design featuring your branding, special features and custom links, expert support to launch and market your app and access to Passport’s growing network of more than 5 million app users.


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