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Charging with 100% Renewable Energy

100% Green – 100% Sustainable – 100% European – 100% Traceable

PowerGo is one of the largest and fastest-growing Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in Europe. From a vast experience as pioneers, inventors, and achievers within the energy and technology spheres, PowerGo creates sustainable solutions for electro-mobility (eMobility).

By combining the realization and operation of fast chargers with solar energy, we are determined to create a more energy-conscious and sustainable world.

Row of EV charging units set against a row of parking bays with trees in the background

PowerGo aims to stimulate eMobility and fast, sustainable charging. The PowerGo fast-charging points are provided with the generated energy from solar parks. This ensures that CO2 emissions in transport will be reduced effectively and substantially.

Supply and demand come together: fast charging points for EVs are provided with sustainable energy. In this way, PowerGo not only makes an important contribution to Europe’s energy transition, but also to the roll-out of a European (fast) charging network. PowerGo has the ambition to become the premiere Charge Point Operator (CPO) in Europe.

PowerGo’s parent company, PowerField, is a Dutch organization that is committed to a sustainable future with solar parks. With a small but highly specialized team, PowerField develops solar parks that generate sustainable energy.

image of PowerGo EV chargers

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Headquarters location Veerdijk 40-D
1531 MS Wormer
The Netherlands
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Jean-Louis Bertholet

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Recent projects

PowerGo installs charging stations for Basic-Fit in the Netherlands and Belgium

PowerGo and Basic-Fit have entered into a partnership to realize charging solutions at Basic-Fit’s locations. This involves approximately 450 possible locations, spread across the Netherlands and Belgium. PowerGo will place regular and fast chargers, where drivers of electric cars can charge with 100% green energy.

PowerGo has become Basic-Fit’s preferred Charge Point Operator (CPO) in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Belgium, the first location has already been equipped with charging points at Basic-Fit Brussels Jette. This location will be extended with fast chargers. In the Netherlands, PowerGo has started the realization of charging points at Basic-Fit Toolenburg in Hoofddorp, where several fast chargers are being installed. PowerGo is waiting for the grid connection to be expanded before the chargers can be put into use. 

PowerGo installs charging stations for Basic-Fit in the Netherlands and BelgiumSmart mix of chargers

”Thanks to a smart mix of different types of charging stations, a customer can leave with a full battery after a visit to the gym,” says Ivo van Dam, Chief Technology Officer of PowerGo. ”We expect a rapid rollout, and expect to provide at least 25 more locations with chargers this year.”

Sustainable charging

PowerGo is the subsidiary of PowerField, a Dutch developer of solar parks. PowerGo’s charging stations are powered by 100% sustainable solar energy, sourced from Dutch soil. ”Sustainability is an important factor in Basic-Fit’s success. We have a broad approach to sustainability and care for the environment,” said Gerard van Medevoort, International Energy Manager of Basic-Fit. ”By offering the possibility of charging the electric car with green electricity at Basic-Fit, we give our customers an extra service and contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Ivo van Dam: ”We look forward to offering drivers of electric cars at Basic-Fit a sustainable and user-friendly solution. The cooperation with Basic-Fit is a big step in PowerGo’s ambition to become a major CPO in Europe, with which we will make an important contribution to the rollout of a European charging network.”

PowerGo installs charging stations for Basic-Fit in the Netherlands and Belgium

Jumbo Supermarkets and La Place restaurants

In 2022, PowerGo started the realization of fast-charging stations at Jumbo stores and at La Place restaurants, resulting in Fast charging and fun extras for customers!

Jumbo is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands and Belgium. La Place restaurants are owned by Jumbo supermarkets. Every Jumbo location in the Netherlands and Belgium will be equipped with a 180-kilowatt fast charging station, with connections for two electric vehicles. The charging time is exactly the same as the average time the customer spends in the supermarket. This means that the vehicle will be charged when the customer is done shopping. An extra advantage for the customer is that when charging at PowerGo’s fast charger, they can save points for discounts on their groceries, subscriptions, and trips.  

In 2022, PowerGo started the realisation of fast-charging stations at Jumbo stores and at La Place restaurants

Douwe Snel, Director of Franchise & Real Estate at Jumbo:

“We are continuously taking steps to make our operations and buildings more sustainable and find it a responsibility to reduce our CO2 emission. At the same time, we aim to help customers with a more sustainable lifestyle, so that together we can make a difference. By offering charging facilities, we contribute to making electric driving more accessible“.

This way of public charging is a key component within PowerGo.  


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Product information

PowerGo Fast Chargers: A Full Circle Solution

PowerGo ensures that locations already comply with the laws and regulations of an energy-conscious Europe by 2025. With governments pushing for a more sustainable future with the goals of 2025 in mind, installing, operating, and maintaining charging stations for electric cars in many locations is required. And more and more cities across Europe have introduced, initiated, or planned environmental zones to facilitate the ongoing rapid shift to electric mobility across Europe.

Public Charging

image of parked cars at EV charging stations

Charging points for electric vehicles are essential for visitors, customers, or employees of a location. PowerGo’s fast and sustainable charging solutions offer the total solution for (semi-)public charging and take everything out of the location owner's hands.

Fleet Charging

image of PowerGo's EV fleet charger

More and more businesses are switching to the deployment of electric vehicles. As a result, business owners, location owners, and fleet operators are facing new challenges. Charge Point Operator PowerGo can take care of all matters and offers the total solution for the electric fleet.

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