Webinars You Can Watch On Demand

Parking Network hosts a series of webinars throughout the year, some of which are availablet to watch on demand

Our webinar schedule has been fairly packed over the past few months, with a host of parking industry experts taking to the digital stage to present on a wide variety of topics, from parking payments and dynamic pricing to deep learning and AI. Perhaps you’ve been in the audience for one or more of these webinars yourself, or you’re suddenly feeling like you’ve missed out.

Well, fear not, because many of our webinars are available on-demand, to watch at your own convenience. So, clear some space in your agenda, make yourself a coffee and take your pick from the webinars below. You never know, you might find a solution that will raise your parking operation to the next level.

Maximizing Revenue, Accountability, and Operational Efficiency with Medeco

Gaining operational intelligence from parking meters, pay stations, kiosks, and collection equipment is as easy as replacing your outdated mechanical lock.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn how to schedule and control access, protect revenue and your assets, track opening attempts, and eliminate costly rekeying. With help from Medeco, you can maximize your revenues today without overhauling your hardware and software solutions.

Worldline: A New Road in Payments for Your Parking Business

The parking industry is changing rapidly and new trends are emerging in the market. Ticketless solutions, mobile payment apps, additional services such as EV charging, and next-generation cars all require innovations in parking payments in order to offer the customer the best possible, and most secure, experience.

Watch this webinar from Worldline to help you keep up and stay on top of your payments game. You’ll find innovative parking use cases for ticketless parking, tap-in and drive-out, online and omnichannel, ALPR and e-payments, multi-pay with a QR code, and more.

EFAFLEX Parking Doors – Digitized for Higher Security and Ease of Use

EFAFLEX parking system doors are specifically designed to take into account the safety and security of users; versatile and tailor-made to customer requests, they offer a product solution for virtually every application and challenge.

With a winning combination of reliability, speed, and durability, the door manufacturer EFAFLEX not only guarantees high quality and durability, but also unrivaled operating cycles coupled with the fastest door opening and closing speeds.

During this webinar, EFAFLEX presented case studies from Swiss and UK projects. But, with a tailor-made solution available for every application, each door can be individually adapted to meet your needs.

Azena and Peter Park Present Trust and Safety in Smart Infrastructure - How Smart Parking Increases Security and Efficiency

Smart parking is raising eyebrows in this AI-powered generation, improving the security and efficiency of parking lots and garages around the world. Tune into this informal, fireside chat to hear from parking enthusiasts from Azena and Peter Park as they discuss a variety of topics including: the automation of parking; how barrier-free entry improves efficiency and security for drivers; and how innovative technology like AI will play an important role in the future of the parking industry.

Best of the Rest

Here’s a round-up of the rest of the webinars we’ve hosted this year. Whilst these aren’t available to watch online you can always find out more about the host companies, including contact details, through our international industry database.

How to Optimize Your Parking Operations Using AI with sensen.ai

As cities become more congested, governments and councils along with the Department of Transport and other authorities are exploring various recommendations to increase public transport usage, ease traffic, and improve city center living conditions.

Parking officers are patrolling streets to ensure no infringement goes undetected; a costly process, especially if tickets are ignored, and potentially dangerous for the officers involved.

With so many sites to enforce within each council and the current dependence on a manual process, the parking industry needs new and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges and shortfalls of traditional parking enforcement.

During this webinar, sensen.ai presented their parking management solution; a comprehensive way to empower authorities to positively transform people’s lives using cutting-edge sensor AI technology.

Deep Learning - The Impact of AI in Smart Parking And Mobility Presented by Innova Group Systems

Deep learning, as an artificial intelligence technology based on self-learning, has been a great advance in video analytics systems. And, the new functionalities that these solutions incorporate have allowed different parking and smart city applications to be scaled, boosting sustainability, efficiency, and profitability.

During this webinar, Innova Group Systems took a deep dive into the impact of AI on smart parking and mobility, showcasing their latest deep learning video analytics and ALPR solutions.

Autopay: Dynamic Pricing for EV Charging and Parking

After years of testing and development Autopay has launched a truly dynamic pricing engine developed specifically for parking and EV charging. Dynamic pricing has, traditionally, only been available for pre-booking at larger airports with thousands of parking spots.

Autopay is making this technology available to all types of facilities and customers, both drive-up and booking, with easy-to-understand communication. So, now you can simply sit back and relax while advanced AI and machine learning algorithms optimize both pricing and capacity management.

During this webinar, Autopay demonstrated how this solution can help you gain insights into how you can make smarter pricing decisions.

Innovations in Parking Guidance: Portier Sonic and VISION Outdoor Camera Solutions

Portier’s webinar showcased their latest product releases: Portier Sonic and Portier VISION outdoor cameras. Portier Sonic, their new ultrasonic sensor, is built on 20 years of experience in the field of parking guidance. Whilst Portier VISION is an outdoor camera solution that brings a fresh alternative to induction loops and in-ground sensors for outdoor area counting and guidance. 

With plenty more webinars in the pipeline, don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media channels and check out our webinar page. It’s always free to attend!